Who does not have good memories from playing "Treasure Hunt" in his childhood? Whether in a birthday party or in camp, finding the treasure always caused a lot of excitement.

But today, who has time or interest to play such a childish game? Seems like we all grew up and lost interest.

Lost interest? Maybe. But those of us who are still excited about the beauty of nature and its surprises, those who still have an adventurous soul, will most likely be happy to join the millions of participants in a game that took "Treasure Hunt" one step further – Geocaching! A new and exciting navigation game for kids and adults alike.

What is Geocaching?

For more than a century, millions of "Treasure Hunters" (Geocachers) all over the world wonder the outdoors searching for treasures hidden in fascinating places.

Due to the availability of GPS in many of today's devices, the participants navigate to the treasures by using GPS coordinates that are published in advance in one of the main Geocaching websites. The treasures are small boxes that are hidden in different outdoor locations and contain a visitor logbook and sometimes also token value surprises. Those who find the treasure are invited to mark this in the visitor logbook and the Geocaching website, and are requested to return the box to its original place. In addition, the finder is welcome to take any of the token value surprises but is expected to replace them with new token value surprises intended for the following Geocachers participants.

How to join?

All you need in order to start playing is a GPS device and to sign up in one of the websites. There are several such websites, with the main one being Geocaching.com. We recommend you sign up through Geocaching.com in order to find treasures more easily. If you have a GPS-standalone device it is great, but please note that most cell phones today support GPS so you don’t need to hassle with a dedicated GPS device, just download one of the applications for Android or iPhone.

The Israeli treasure hunters are always glad to help new participants. More details can be found in the Israeli group Facebook page.

Where to start the treasure hunt?

You already have GPS, energy and excitement to start looking for the first treasure. Now what? Where do you go? Allow us to recommend a few interesting treasures right here, in Lower Galilee.

Short walking trail in Nofit and Zippori River – 3 treasures

The 5Km walking trail starts in Nofit and ends in Ein Yivka spring at Zippori River.

Around Nofit passes Ohad Zach trail, marked in blue. Along this trail you can find 2 treasures to start your hunt:

ohad trail "zula"– by Ndsl01

Nofit – Zippori overlook– by Ndsl01

Down the trail, you will find a red trail leading north to Nofit and connects after a few hundred meters to Israel National Trail. At this point, turn west along Zippori River. Along the way you will pass by the Carmelite Monks station, pomegranate fields and lavishing green fields. After 4Km you will reach En Yivka spring and its wide pool that invites you for a swim to enjoy the end of the walk. Near the spring you will find the last treasure:

Horses Spring– by Nagasaki45

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="569"] The view from Horses Spring cache[/caption]

Enjoy the bloom in Aloney Aba reserve – 4 treasures

These treasures are scattered along the reserve. If you are interested in spending a relaxed family day among the many cyclamens and anemones, this trail is for you. The treasures:

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="256"] The Big Oak[/caption]

The Big Oak– by Nagasaki45

Aloney Aba oak meadows– by yishaysho

If you are interested in another treasure on the way to the reserve, an easy one is:

Alonim Reservoir– by Ndsl01

Lately, a fourth one has been hidden, in the well near Aloney Aba. Those interested, can get to its hiding place through Aloney Aba settlement, park near the rear gate and walk 800m until reaching the nurtured and cool well under the huge eucalyptus:

Alonei Aba Well– by Nagasaki45 & meyvain

Not enough? In Kiryat Tivon you can find many more treasures

In Kiryat Tivon downtown, Alexender Zaid monument, Kfar Hatikva or Kiryat Haroshet, many treasures can be found in the area, all much recommended.

If you are interested in this area, we recommend you search for the 3 treasures in Kiryat Haroshet, by foot or by car (less than 4KM):

Down the Rails– by Irisvo

The Valley railway – Elroy station– by ophirh2

The train engine park– by ophirh2

Travelling in Jesus Trail? Many treasures along the way

If you are interested in traveling in the places and see views that Jesus did, you can walk along Jesus trail from Nazareth to Kfar Nahum.

At the start of the trail, North-East of Zippori, you can find a treasure on the top of a hill with views of the surrounding hills:

Zippori Village, Lower Galilee– by Isracacher

Further along the trail, in Lavi forest, between the pine trees, you will find another treasure, a few minutes from the trail:

Lavi Forest– by Yarives

Continuing further along the trail, in Mount Arbel area, many treasures are waiting for you: A few of them are:

Because it's There– by Yarives

Arbel Cliffs– by Korvin

Where the Arbel is Most Intimidating– by Yarives

2 last treasures await those who complete the whole trail, one in Capernaum and the second in Mount of Beatitudes:

In the Footsteps of Jesus – Capernaum– by TheDavidsons

In the Footsteps of Jesus – Mount of Beatitudes– by TheDavidsons

To Summarize

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="320"] Looking for a cache[/caption]

If you thought going for a treasure hunt is part of you past, consider the opportunity to join a fascinating adventure with family or friends, suitable for adults and kids alike. You don’t even need to go far – it is right here in Lower Galilee. 

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